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After discussions with many enthusiastic subscribers to the WaterForCows model at World Dairy Expo last week, Mark Holt, President of Vi-COR®, Inc. decided that this valuable tool should be made more widely available to the dairy industry.  As a result, access to the WaterForCows model is now free to all users, with the intention that all dairy producers, nutritionists, veterinarians and consultants will be able to easily evaluate the quality of water for their cows.

“Since 2003, Vi-COR has supported our customers with the Milk to the Max program, and more recently with the Feeder Education and Employee Development (FEED) program” says Holt.  “Water quality is just too important to dairy cows and dairy producers, so we want to get the word out by giving them a tool that can help drive improvements in this very critical input.”

To sign up for access to the WaterForCows model, simply visit the Subscribe Now! tab at, complete the registration form and then log on to use the model.  All you need is a water analysis and a diet summary to learn how your water supply may be affecting your cows’ productivity or health.

If you find this tool useful, send a link to a friend, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you know the drill, help us get the word out!  Thanks!

About Charlie Elrod

With 30+ years of experience in the dairy industry, I have a well-rounded perspective of what makes a dairy work. In that time I built and operated my own dairy, worked as a herdsman, practiced as an A.I. and E.T. technician, conducted research in nutrition and reproduction, developed educational programs for dairy industry professionals and provided contract technical support to global feed and ingredient companies. In my role with Balchem Corporation, I have the opportunity to bring that experience to bear in product development, testing, clinical and field research, and supporting our customers. My interest in water stems from a lifelong interest in geology and an innate curiosity about how something so fundamental as water can have such profound effects on cows.
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